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"Every day that goes by when you do not have accurate data to make decisions, is the day when you use intuition to make decisions"

Management report
Marketing report

Customer Satisfaction - the results of a survey/surveys measuring customers' satisfaction with the product

Feature by # of Usersshows features' usage by the number of people that use them

Bounce Rate % the percentage of website/app visitors that enter and then leave without further interaction (eg. visiting other pages on the site)

Average # of Sessions per User the average number of sessions users have for a period of time

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Frequently Used Marketing Metrics:

-ROA  -ROE  -Debt-to-equity ratio  -Profit Margin (Gross, Net)

Building a custom-centric product or service requires an intimate understanding of your customers, particularly their underserved needs and wants. This is why many successful companies rely on product analytics to better understand how the users interact with the product on a daily basis. Product Managers need to know user journeys, session statistics, scroll depths, retention, conversion and attrition metrics. SageData provides exactly the right integrations and tools to bring all of your Product Analytics data together and visualise it, so you can have a clear picture. Successful Product Managers use data to make smart decisions and this is exactly why  SageData Product Report shows the metrics to drive product success. 

Daily Active Users and Monthly Active Users charts are useful for tracking user growth on a different detail level. Churn Rate along with Net Promoter Score reveal straightforward the users' evaluation of the product. The former tracks how many users are lost, while the latter - how likely the users are to recommend the product to other people. Current versus New Customers Churn Rate tells another important story - the comparison between the churn of new versus existing customers.


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Average # of User Actions per Session - the number of actions the average user makes during a single session

Organic vs Paid Traffic - shows what is the distribution between paid and organic traffic to the app/website

Important elements of a Product Report

Average Session Duration - the average time a user spends on a session

Minutes Spent on the App/Website and Revenue per Customer - a scatterplot revealing the relationship between time spent on the app/website and revenue from that customer

Other KPIs often found in Product Reports

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