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What is a Marketing Report?

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ROI % on advertising spent (ROAS) - it is important to have this metric explicitly shown, as this is the high-level performance measure of the budget spent on advertising. The metric shows the return of the funds spend on advertising

Attribution modeling - analysis of the efficiency of each channel in bringing visitors, leads, and ultimately - sales and revenue

CLV - customer lifetime value - revenue a customer would generate in their lifetime for the company; sometimes this is measured in 30, 60 and 90 days increments

RPL - revenue per lead - the amount of revenue the company generates from customers that have converted from lead to customer divided by the number of leads in the cohort; measures the efficiency of converting leas into customers

CPL - cost per lead - the amount of money spent on acquiring each lead; for most companies, this should be below RPL

Leads - to - sales - a ratio, showing what percentage of leads becomes customers

CPC  - cost per click - the expense for a single click on an ad

CPI - cost per impression - the cost of a single impression 

CPM - cost per thousand impressions - one of the most typical ad metrics; shows the cost of having a thousand impressions 

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A Marketing Report is a report that is focused on the performance measurements associated with the Marketing and Advertising activities. ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) is a key focus of many Marketing reports. Much like the ROI%, ROAS aims to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the Marketing Investments, whether it is CPC spend or spend on TV Advertising. One of the more popular variations of the Marketing Report(s) is a Digital Ad Spend Marketing Report. This report focuses exclusively on the effectiveness of the digital advertising with the goal to invest ad budget into online channels which bring the best customers. Measuring the effectiveness of a channel is a combination between the volume of traffic the channel brings, the conversion rate of that traffic, and the CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) of the converted cohorts. There are many intermediate metrics - such that help us get insights into how well the different components of our marketing efforts are performing. Having a well-constructed, automated and accurate marketing report is crucial for every marketing manager (and business owner) who wants to make data-driven decisions and see the real impact of the marketing investment.


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The Funnel is a marketing tool that visualizes every step a potential customer has to take to become an actual one

Cohort analysis helps with understanding the behavior or characteristics of a group of people during a certain time period

Attribution modeling aims to credit user action (usually conversion) to a proper touchpoint

Important elements of a Marketing Report

The RFM is a customer value analysis tool, based on the recency, frequency and monetary value of spending

Other KPIs often found in Marketing Reports

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