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Paying vs Total Users - the number of total users, the number of paying users and what percentage of the users are paying

EBIT Actual vs Target - earnings before interest and tax - shows to what extent is the company reaching its financial goals (in terms of earnings before interest and tax)

MRR Net Growth YoY - the percentage change in MRR in comparison to the same month last year

CAC/LTV - customer acquisition cost as a percentage of customer lifetime value - that comparison shows what percentage of the total revenue the average customer would bring, is spent on acquiring them

ARPU - average revenue per user - how much revenue the company is generating per user 

ARPPU - average revenue per paying user - how much revenue the company is generating per paying user 

DAU - daily active users - the number of users that have been active on a daily basis

Conversion rate - shows what percentage of people performed a certain action (usually buying) after visiting a website

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Frequently Used Marketing Metrics:

-ROA  -ROE  -Debt-to-equity ratio  -Profit Margin (Gross, Net)

Having accurate KPIs and Metrics that show the performance of your company is a strong prerequisite for a successful leadership. Timely, consistent and accurate insights from your data will give you the ability to make an informed decision. SageData Management Reports helps data-driven leaders understand everything from ROI% on your spend to Balanced Scorecard that displays YoY and MoM performance of your key metrics updated hourly. In our example Management report shown below, the Operational Expenses chart shows the cost distribution among different departments, together with the total cost. A Revenue by Service chart is a great way to see the breakdown of all revenue between the main service and the maintenance activities. The Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) breakdown highlights not only the growth of the MRR but also the portions of this growth that are attributed to the New MRR (new customers) and to the Recurring MRR (up-selling to the current clients).


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Customer Satisfaction - the results of a customers satisfaction survey

Operating Margin - company profits per a dollar of sales (interest and tax not considered)

Important Elements of a Management Report

Revenue by Country - groups the revenue by country. Great for companies who started to expand into new markets

MAU - monthly active users - shows how many unique users have been active in a product/service/app on a monthly basis

Other KPIs often found in Management Reports

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