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Management report
Marketing report

Actual vs Target revenue - the comparison between the projected amount of revenue for the month / Q / year and the actual one

Current vs Last year revenueshows the revenue generated for a certain time period in comparison to the last year's period

ARR and MRR annual/monthly recurring revenue - one of the most important financial metrics for SaaS companies, showing the recurring revenue on an annual or a monthly basis 

ARPU average revenue per user - how much revenue is the company generating per user (paying and non-paying)

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Frequently Used Marketing Metrics:

-ROA  -ROE  -Debt-to-equity ratio  -Profit Margin (Gross, Net)

Whether you are presenting your success to the existing investors or pitching to new ones, there are several KPIs that SageData team is often asked to put together for the investors of our clients. One of them is the Debt-To-Equity ratio, which points to how leveraged your company is. ROE and ROA track the profitability of the company and are an important indicator to the investors. The ROA shows how efficiently the company is using its resources to generate revenue. The ROE is similar to ROA but factoring out the debt. That way it shows the return to the equity holders. The profit margins (gross and net) show the financial success of the company in terms of profitability. They could be used for benchmarking against competitors, or for validating the business model of the company. 
Another important set of metrics are the comparisons between target and actual values. Reaching targets shows that the company is living up to the standards set by the management. Targets also serve as a good guiding point for employees.


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ROI % on Marketing spent - indicator for the return on the marketing efforts of the company

ROA - return on assets - shows how efficiently the company utilizes its resources to generate revenue

Important elements of an Investor Report

Revenue by country - as straight forward as it sounds. Great for companies entering new geographical markets

DAU - daily active users - count of unique users that have been active in a product/service/app daily

Other KPIs often found in Investor Reports

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