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I have spent over 20 years working in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics with 10 of these years as Head of BI in various companies spanning industries such as Gaming, eSports, CPG, Online Payments, Fintechs. My passion is to help startups grow fast using data and actionable insight.

Over 20 years in Business Intelligence


Want to know what are some of the actionable KPIs and Metrics other companies are using? Let's find out which ones are right for your business

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Head of BI - Finiata

Alexander Dubrovsky

“SageData team had really helped us set up the right reports with speed and efficiency.”  

Performance Marketing Manager - AJ&Smart

Domonkos Nyari

"Reliable BI solution helped my team to be more time efficient and save resources while getting accurate data - driven insights."


Here is a short video where I explain what makes a good Business Intelligence system

Smart decisions based on Data  can help you grow 300% or even 800% in very little time

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I will share with you my tips on ensuring that your reports are correct and your data is timely, complete and consistent.

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